Salesfroce app development services

Still remember the day when I first time came to know about from my fiance . I am  basically into the project management of the website and apps development working with very small Jaipur based company.  During my 3 years of career, I came to know that people are moving to the cloud while doing basic R&D for my clients. But after having detail conversation with her about  the benefits of creating solutions for the client using salesforce stunned me.  The first best thing about salesforce is most the functionality is already developed all we have to do is drag and drop of the component.  Another best part of salesforce is that it’s much cheaper and safer in comparison to platforms we use .  Like all other IT professional, I also indulge into getting freelancing projects.  So I decided to do some homework on salesforce app development  just to earn projects  on salesforce. But it was not  easy as in Jaipur very few companies are working on it and it’s not easy to approach them. So after month searching. I met with passionate sales force developer running his own company name


He gave the complete knowledge of how sales for projects are done. Its been  10 months I am earning sales force app development projects and getting them done from IEOTA .

The best part of them is the number services they provide like it’s a supermarket for salesforce projects. Just check the below-mentioned services.

  • Salesforce custome development.
  • Salesforce1 & Lightning development.
  • Salesforce integration.
  • Salesforce health check.
  • Sales data migration & master management.
  • App exchange product development
  • Salesforce sales& cloud services
  • Salesforce support


I would suggest if you’re looking to hire salesforce developer for your solution Bharat/ Ieota is a point of contact. HURRY UP, Maybe your competitor has already scheduled meeting with them.


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