Cloud App Development Services

Be it a tennis club, retailer or an oil company they all need to raise their IT efficiency for a short period of time to back a business need. Approaching your IT to a cloud may be momentary state for a short period of time; you always plan to bring it back. It could also be a straightforward step to a long haul move to cloud for a few or all you’re present.

Cloud App Development services

What are the benefits of cloud app development services?

There was a time when application development uses to be very cumbersome and pervasive process that took a lot of time. But now cloud computing take care of all these hassles. It gives approach where frameworks are smoothly made available to anyone interested, and on a very competitive, pay as you go model. Cloud speed up everything that now apps can be prepared within a week time which use take months previously.

Why has cloud become first choice for developers and IT managers?

  • Pay-as-you-go Model, lower costs, “Pay as you use”,
  • It keeps them away from applying Software updates on servers.
  • It provides automatic recovery and Backups in multiple regions.
  • Data can be used from across the world from any device as it’s hosted centrally
  • Elasticity / scalability get increase
  • High Availability/Reliability across regions
  • Good Monitoring services
  • Data storage in multiple formats is available.
  • Less or No CAPEX
  • Simple to Manage
  • Tremendous Productivity
  • Environment Friendly
  • Minimal Deployment Time
  • Minimize licensing new software

Cloud App Development services

Cloud composition

Virtual server:  Depending on the capability of physical servers many physical servers are centralized into virtual servers. For example, a single physical server can contain 50-60 virtual servers.  With the help of server virtualization, a physical server is partitioned into multiple mini servers known as the virtual server. Ultimately lower physical servers reduce hardware maintenance.

Virtualization: One physical server consists of May virtual server known as virtualization.

Cluster: A cluster consists of two or more homogeneous/ heterogeneous servers working together.

Benefits of clustering are improved disaster recovery, improve load balancing and server consolidation regardless of operating system

Hypervisor: Its layer of software between physical server hardware and host server OS. One can call it a heart of virtualization.

Data center:  It consists of servers, computer infrastructure, backup power supplies and backup mechanism

If you are looking to move to cloud then IOTA is right place for you. We have more than 3 years cloud app development.


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