Latest trend of mobile apps

As we all know the mobile industry is growing very fastly it’s going through rapid changes because of upcoming development technologies, modern gadgets and other latest trend.

Below are the latest Design and development trends for the mobile app.

mobile apps

Hybrid HTML5 app: It is noticed that Hybrid HTML5 has shown tremendous performance and elegance in app development. Hybrid HTML5 apps are outstanding in customer and enterprise app development.

Cross platform app development: In coming years cross-platform app development will continue to dominate the industry. It helps in transiting mobile workers from the desktop computer to mobile devices. Whether it’s mobile, tab people want to use exact application with the same feature. Hence it will be in demand.

Wearable apps: These days so many devices are in fashion like smart watches, fitness band etc which can be integrated with mobile devices. Therefore they want apps with better interface and performance.

mobile apps

Designing bigger screen: In the generation of phablets and bigger phones it has become to design bigger screen. And studies tell market of bigger phones and phabalets will increase by 36% in coming years. With bigger design, it is necessary to create a comfortable interface so that everything is in reach of the thumb.

Swiping: Swiping has become the modern way to navigate and it still in demand and will dominate for coming years.

Material design: It has been introduced by google giving ultimate experience to users and is demand

Few others are

  • Storytelling and branding
  • Emphasis on typography
  • Fresh color palettes
  • Overlays
  • Functional animations

mobile apps

Benefits of mobile apps

  • Mobile apps have faster browsing in comparison to mobile web browsing. Hence there is no waiting game for customers
  • Apps create regular reminder for business
  • Enhance customer engagement
  • Cost of SMS messages and paper newsletter get minimized with the help of app

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