What is Social media optimization and its best why to promote for branding ?

Social media optimization is the process of creating awareness of product, services, and brands through social networking platforms such Facebook, twitter, Instagram and much more. It mainly consists of sharing content with no consent formula, therefore, we can say SMO is more of art than science.

Social media optimization

Some of the  technique  to develop social media presence and increase traffic of website for free

Create facebook fan page: As we know in this time of scrolling and clicking people are spending a good time on social sites . So if you are having any business and willing to increase online traffic create facebook page share good content so that you may have more and more followers on facebook. And you can redirect same traffic to the website. For example, you are sharing some freebies or free book on your website. You can share the link on your page for same and push the viewers to click on your website. Hence it will increase your website traffic.

And then twitter account: Just like personal twitter account, its is necessary to twitter account for your business or website. With the optimize use of 140 characters you can spread your message to large numbers of people and can draw traffic to your site.

Social media optimization

Photos on Flickr:  We all follow Flickr and image speaks volume in comparison to a character. So try to share some meaningful images with good taglines so that more people enjoy the images and push them to your website with read more .

Social bookmarking: There various social sites like Digg, Stumble Upon, Delicious, and Reddit can increase your traffic to many folds. All you have to create bookmarking accounts on them with your site link and a small brief of your services.

Locking the buttons: It means placing social buttons of like and share on the website so that people can like and share them. Which will show a notifications in their friend window this can really help you lot in spreading your message and followers of your site.

Social media optimization

 Advantage of SMO

  • Low cost
  • Search engine ranking
  • Instant turnaround
  • Targeting specific audience

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