What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is a practice of connecting with the audience through electronic technology which includes online customer communities, webinar, emails, mobile marketing, social media, webinars and other content sharing methods.


Digital marketing services mainly encompass of below-mentioned practice.

  • Search engine optimization ( SEO)
  • Social media management
  • PPC campaign
  • Online reputation management

 Let’s take every topic separately

SEO: It’s a process of earning traffic from the organic, free or natural search results on search engines.

SEO is classified into two categories

White hat SEO: These are the techniques approved and recommended by search engine and helps you getting long lasting results

Black hat SEO: These are the techniques which search engine completely disapproves initially it may give results but within a short span of time it can harm is online presence badly.

 Seo techniques for beginners

Classify target keywords: Like every game, there are few basics of SEO also that is identifying the handful of potential keywords. Once you have these keyword/ phrases start optimizing your site using these keywords.

 Branding efforts: We all want are a site to rank well on google first and ever. Therefore it has become necessary to pay attention on UI/UX part of your site so that people stay for a longer time on your site and if they will stay more automatically there will be more sharing and more organic result.

 Content:  it is very necessary to focus on content. One should have a blog connected to our site where content should be shared after ever regular intervals but it should be unique and relates to our services. Same is for website always having unique content for a site to avoid the issue of plagiarism. Also, it should be speaking about our portfolio and services.


Some other important tactics

  • Guest blogging
  • Press release
  • Installing Google analytics and setting target
  • Connecting to social networking power users of your industry
  • Giving sufficient time to social networking

 SMO:  Its process of increasing awareness of product through social networking sites such facebook, twitter, LinkedIn , Instagram and others

Tips for SMO

  • Set your goals and objective for SMO.
  • Alluring content and images this increase sharing.
  • Maximize likability by adding a blog, creating white papers, aggregating contents.
  • Try having fresh content.
  • Use tagging to spread it faster.
  • Identify your target audience.
  • Use of permalinks in blogs.

PPC (Pay per click)

It means advertiser is paying to search engines for their listing on search results.

PPC can be classified into 2 parts

  • Cost per click (CPC): It means one have to pay to search engines when someone clicks on our ad appearing on SERPS
  • Cost per impression (CPM): it means one don’t have to pay for clicks but we have to pay for ad which appears SERPS

CPM is best for brand awareness and CPC is best for online sales.


 Online reputation management

It’s process of monitoring and controlling when someone searches for you on search engines.

 Latest trends in digital marketing services

  • Stop relying on Google. Start using direct forms of interacting with target audience like email marketing.
  • Mobile marketing
  • Social networking platforms
  • Paid marketing
  • Content creation and sharing

 At Ieota we believe in giving best of digital marketing services so that we can long term business relation with them.


Which Points Are Suitable For A SEO Friendly Website Design

A site must be composed viably as it is one of the top purposes behind your site to pull in guests rather you can likewise say potential clients. There are different part of web planning that you have to contemplate upon. In the event that a site has an amazing and engaging outline, the guest stays on the site for long and certainly returns.

Image result for seo Which Points Are Suitable For A SEO Friendly Website Design

A known certainty about sites is that it takes just 4 seconds to a guest to choose in the event that they like the site outline or not. Any further skimming of the site relies on upon that underlying impression.

In the event that your business depends a little or absolutely on the site of your business; you genuinely require somebody to alter your site outline, this will add to the business accomplishment through the site also.

How about we begin by experiencing the rudiments, individuals need data on the web and the site that gives it most effortlessly gets a lasting guest. Your site must have all the applicable data about your business and anything remotely connected with it. This is the fundamental relationship of a site and a client.

On the off chance that you go for a reasonable web outline administration, they will take a shot at 3 key components of web planning:

• Content of the site

• Graphics

• SEO Friendly

Give us a chance to clarify them one by one:

1 Content: There is an acclaimed saying for individuals on the web; “quality written substance is the final deciding factor”. It is an acclaimed cite, as well as reality. Substance is most imperative part of the site and the fundamentals of web configuration spins around it. The guests ought to take in all the vital subtle elements at your site or they will begin searching for better substance at different locales. You should have awesome substance composing aptitudes and you can likewise enlist talented authors to do that for you. A decent site with extraordinary substance is a large portion of the occupation done.

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2 Graphics: Now that you comprehend what you should do to have the best substance on your site, next thing you ought to look upon is design. Representation include pictures, pictures, streak pictures, recordings and so on. These little components showcase the site as one energizing spot to joint. I as of late found a motion picture site, where there was great substance, yet extraordinary design and now I am a general guest of that specific site. This is the force of illustrations on a site. Some product that will help you with representation is Adobe Photoshop, Dreamweaver and Flash. Nonetheless, the guidance is to employ a moderate web plan administration and let them carry out the occupation for you, then will even do the substance employment of your site.

3 SEO Friendly: Ok, you have awesome substance on your site and it looks appealing, now what? Presently, getting the guests onto your site; for this you should learn little tips and traps of SEO. A SEO Friendly site has a decent route framework, because of which all the essential pages of your site are effectively explored and is effortlessly noticeable on web looks. This perceivability expands the likelihood of irregular guests getting discovered to your site. These are three most critical web outlining elements to get greatest results from your sites.

Fetched Factors of Mobile App Devlopment

Assume you have an amazing thought for versatile application and you are confounded to contract designers due to spending plan. Around then , all these kind of inquiry will touch base on your mind.What is the business sector cost ? How much engineer will charge of whole activities? This article will help you out to discover answer for every one of these issues.

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The expense relies on upon loads of factors and entanglement when you are going to send a venture. You need to list down all the prerequisite at one place similarly the stage you need(ios and android), class of the app(game, service,product, marking and so forth..) and numerous others. We are going to talk about a whole costing procedure to an awesome arrangement.

You should need to guarantee that the versatile application engineer, you contract ought to have the capacity to envision your application thought and extension. You are going to send from the very scratch, so it’s obligatory that your engineer ought to have the capacity to comprehend your necessity and each part of your application thought. In the organization , engineers assume key part along these lines, he ought to invest hours in drafting the whole code lines.

In the event that you have low spending plan, basically involve the functionalities, no compelling reason to concentrate on much elements, however attempt to cover center functionalities. Right now , dispatch your item see the benefit, on the off chance that you win tremendous sum you can include a few components later, acording the reaction of last one, you can declare another variant in like manner 1.0,1.2.. et cetera.

Area to chase the web engineers

Take assistance from the online stage like oDesk, Elance. They are giving best chances to chase the accomplished versatile application designers from various part of the world. You can discover here experienced portable application engineers from the economies where the average cost for basic items is low when contrasted with the Western nations. Take an illustration , from the US designers , they are charging high $100/hr. according to the compersssion of India. They are charging $30-$50/hour, as the typical cost for basic items in India is low.

Image result for Mobile application development

This is the preferred standpoint in the event that you get devlopers from the same time zone.But on the off chance that you get an opportunity to contract top portable software engineers from various time zones, run with it, it can be more valuable.

Stage and Category

Most driving versatile application improvement organizations, arranged engineers as per the rates elements. These estimations are determined to the experience and aptitude. They set the charges distinctive for IOS and Android engineers. Since Android application engineers dependably charge more than their iOS counterparts.Android application designers send the application for various gadgets not for the single one. With the goal that whole venture takes a considerable measure of time including the improvement and testing.

Sybite Technology has an accomplished, driving web application improvement based IT organization, offering all the portable application advancement administrations on reasonable cost. Through the propelled innovation they are changing your business into the following level.

Click here to read more about Mobile App Devlopment.

2015 Leading Mobile Application Development Patterns

2015 is en route by hitting date-book with new trends,development, structures and new stage. Versatile application keen is looking forward for new changes in portable industry.

After the Forrester Research concentrates on, this is beginning of application development world, will continue to produce exceptional of $38 billion by 2015.

With this up and coming year, there will be a tremendous beneficial business sector of application and programming improvement. Along, we can be seen the new improvement in App advancement through the following year.

Image result for Mobile application development

Look at it the most recent patterns which are prepared to hit this anticipated year.

The present time is saved for Android since it’s always ascending as a versatile stage. However, Apple is going to lose its tablet piece of the pie and Android will deal with its offer by 2015, through the late report of IDC. The Android piece of the pie was 78% in 2013 which ascends to shockingly 80.2% before the end of 2014. What’s more, this will proceed by this year.

Continually Introduce of Connected Object

As we had seen in 2014, development of layered interfaces, swipe, and thumb centered cooperation and considerably more the one of a kind patterns. And this is as yet going higher in 2015. Take an illustration; Google has as of late presented savvy machine creator Nest and stunning smoke indicator application, which is controlled by Smartphone application.

In the meantime, Samsung takes after the method for upgrade in the items by presenting a clothes washer which is likewise controlled by Wi-Fi. These everything is demonstrating that associated objects expand the notoriety with the assistance of applications and programming. There is most likely it will take it to the following level.

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Dropping the business sector of local applications

We are discussing the radical change in the portable business of the rising new stage in the versatile application world.

Utilizing local application improvement, designers can send (IOS and Android stage based versatile application) which has required particular ability around there. As opposed to utilizing Hybrid application advancement, designers can send versatile application for different stages including less expensive and quicker way.

Cloud Application

Subsequent to utilizing of cloud application client appears to be more content than at any other time. It’s putting forth rich client experience, brisk reaction, and accessible in disconnected mode as well. You can transfer and share any information in the legitimate configuration with wherever. Effectively open at anyplace , simple to alter having bunches of different elements as well.

By Forthcoming 2015, you will compose on cloud application specifically. Then again cloud suppliers begin to think once again on cloud-facilitated administrations to up and coming applications.

Parallax Scrolling

Have you seen any site having moving pictures, draw story line, foundation recordings this is called parallax looking over. It makes changing and intelligent client encounter, the showcase content on a solitary page, expand client engagement for quite a while. This is great in the term of SEO. It diminishes skip rate of site. Presently you can feel it wow elements.

Trust this article will help you. On the off chance that you think I pass up a major opportunity any method in the new pattern, upgrade me however the remark beneath. We value it.

App Development Services : The most effective method to Improve Your Business Value

More intelligent stages like iOS, Android, and Windows are picking up a tremendous prominence in the worldwide markets. These are based over the keen gadgets thus these are developing in gigantic interest. Upon consistent quick developments, the versatile application advancement organization worldwide has been running this world with their psyches alongside their more astute moves. You should not overlook the universe of technically knowledgeable cell phone clients, with whom the interest for urban tasteful applications is developing more than ever.


Despite the fact that these stages are supple yet at the same time they are continually ailing in something. It is on the grounds that we are constantly inquisitive about what to get next! With these central issues in our brain when we utilize keen applications on these stages we confront a few complexities and specialized hitches that no one but designers can secure. Along these lines, it is especially imperative for you to meet an accomplished and predictable Application Development Company before beginning with any modern progression.

This time you should not utilize the same systems to make applications with all stages, in light of the fact that the same has happened some time recently. In the event that that will happen once more; by what method will you have the capacity to answer the interest that may bring about a disappointment of your recently dispatched program? The time is running high and it is letting you know that now you don’t have to know how to code. Since the software engineers of this new world are transforming your application thought into reality, abruptly and effectively!

Alongside that, it is currently conceivable to get the top notch iPhone application outline and the inventive space-age work of art to carton concentrate on the ideal brand picture and acknowledgment on the Apple application stores.


Other than that, bear in mind to welcome new thoughts to more quick witted application life like concentrating totally on development and innovativeness. Besides, the need of leading standard application studies by your portable application advancement organization. You can likewise welcome recommendations, thoughts and criticism through all online networking channels. On the other hand simply direct some meetings to generate new ideas with versatile application improvement specialists.

At Ieota Technologies, we are furnished with one of the best progressive application improvement groups to guarantee a smooth, bother free client experience. Our central goal is to make only the sort of versatile applications that individuals require, by means of very much customized, high caliber yet shabby application improvement administrations. For every one of your inquiries, you can get in touch with us through phone line or you can likewise drop a mail at the email address blazing on our site.